“I would like to walk in space that reminds me of back home, of the gardens, the parks, the outdoor spaces.”
We are a group of St. James Town residents who work to refashion our neighbourhood into a community reflecting the energy, diversity, and commitment of its residents.

A Space to Showcase our Multicultural Heritage

A Joint Project of the Toronto Garden Club and Community Matters Toronto

Community Matters Toronto is working with a number of community partners to develop the existing green space in eastern St James Town as a centre for community gatherings in a welcoming and safe environment. The design would provide for the multipurpose use of space, for example, a garden area used for meditation and Tai chi classes or exercise space that can be converted to festival and exhibition space. It could include: beautification with art and plant materials, a performing and seating area, kiosks for outdoor lessons, vendors and exhibitions, natural environments for outdoor exercise, pathways and a meditation/sculpture garden.

The first phase of the development project will see a Landscape Ontario Otium Outdoor Exercise Garden at Canada Blooms developed by Shawn Gallaugher Design re-purposed and installed at the St James Town eastern green space. The Landscape Ontario Otium Outdoor Exercise Garden is designed to include exercises to strengthen residents’ health, well-being, and connection to nature. The concept is unique in that the landscape features of the garden themselves are used as exercise equipment.