“My fingers touched this water that had come from so faraway, from distant mountains or deep in the earth, and miraculously, there it was on my hands, on my face, with the simple turning of a tap. As I gently splashed this gift over my face, I thought of all the life on earth that exists because of water. The water was so fresh and cold. And I was happy. My mindfulness made me happy. I have never washed my face the same way since.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Like many, we increasingly believe the issues of climate and climate change can no longer be ignored. If for no other reason than to provide a better future for our grandchildren, we must all contribute to reversing the trends we are experiencing.

As a community-based group of neighbours with a primary purpose of helping newcomers settle in Canada we too felt that we can no longer continue to do this work while ignoring the many challenges of climate change. So far we have successfully:

  • Set up a program to regularly deliver locally grow fresh produce to isolated and vulnerable tower residents
  • Created and maintained a pollinator garden for over 15 years
  • Organized green space charettes in St. James Town
  • Conducted a Green Tree study in our community
  • Led Container Gardening workshops
  • Provided emergency food relief to our neighbours
  • Organized community Green Days

We network, bring people of difference together, fundraise and organize solutions to problems. We are new to the climate challenge and believe that it is best to offer our skills and support to groups and individuals who are all ready well versed, more experienced in developing solutions with more history in this complex field.

As an entry point, we are focusing on Canada’s water crisis, seeking to participate at the local level supporting initiatives surrounding the Don River Watershed. At a personal level we have always had a love and appreciation for water. We are grateful for what we have locally and in Canada as a whole. However today, water systems are vulnerable and at risk.

Our experience is that focused, strategic actions can have a disproportionate effect on outcomes. We are looking to support water champions, those who are passionate about this issue, who know their system, know the triggers and leverage points.


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