Internationally Educated Health Professionals are routinely enticed to bring their families and their savings to Canada with the understanding that, following accreditation, they will be able to practice their profession in their new home.


Upon arrival the they face numerous roadblocks in the licensing and accreditation process leading to frustration, anger, resentment, and depression. The immediate result is underemployment for newcomers and a loss to Canada and Canadians of highly developed health care skills and knowledge.


A waste which can become increasingly evident as newcomer cultures make up larger segments of our population. Many are trapped in a vicious cycle of survival employment in unrelated careers, are grossly underemployed in the health care industry, seek to move to other countries or bitterly return home. Those who remain experience reduced wealth and a reduced sense of well-being and expectations. 


Community Matters has addressed this issue. Through our program Healthy Living in St. James Town we routinely provide opportunities for IEHPs to practice their skills in our health related programs while at the same time we provide an intense career development program focusing on redirecting skills towards meaningful Canadian employment in the Health Care industry.