The Community Matters After-School program provides children up to grade 4 an environment which promotes physical and mental health, well-being, artistic skills and literacy and numeracy skills. The program is offered to over 100 children in Rose Avenue School from 3:30 to 6 p.m. each school day. In addition the program offers staff and volunteers the opportunity to develop teaching, program planning and people skills.

If you wish to enrol your child or volunteer for our program please contact us or meet us in the lunch room of Rose Avenue Public School any school day from 3:30 to 6 p.m.

  • MONDAY Nutritious snack, health and wellness, reading and writing, physical activity.
  • Tuesday Nutritious snack, drumming, physical activity.
  • Wednesday Nutritious snack, various activities, reading and writing, soccer
  • Thursday Nutritious snack, swimming.
  • Friday Nutritious snack, nutrition, reading and writing, physical activity.

STEM Brush and Bolt Program

The fundamental skillsets of mathematics, language, history, and basic sciences will always be essential, but increasingly what is often needed in a time where machines and programs are able to perform the vast majority of the basic tasks that once required our focus is the ability for flexible, creative and resilient thinking, alongside a drive to try new and different approaches with a willingness to use failures as a jumping-off point for further experimentation and growth. 

Our experiences have taught us that children are often far more willing to confront challenging tasks that push the limits of their creativity, logic, and problem-solving abilities when they are put forward to them in the framework of a game instead of directly as a lesson.

What is STEM?

An introduction to our program. Learn more about our process to develop one of a kind curriculum for STEM, and what helps children develop love for the sciences, art, and technology.

Learning about Sustainability

A brief example of one of the programs we have implemented, A resource management game designed to teach lessons about the benefits of cooperation and group coordination in working to resolve and manage the waste emissions of the planet.

Combining Art, Science & Education

An example of one of our programs (The Tower Game) designed to teach about construction, engineering, and structural strength through an exercise in both teamwork, creativity and practical experimentation

If you are interested in tutoring you’re own/other children, leaning about the Canadian educational system and the best learning methods for children at different ages this program is for you.
Each week our staff prepares a program plan to support the goals of each child in our program. Here are some of the resource links we use.

Beyond the Bell
CPRA After School Webinar 2013
Starting After school Guide

Our Partners
  • Rose Avenue Junior Public School
  • Volunteer Readers Program
  • First Book Canada
  • Jarvis CI
  • Wellesley CC
  • Ministry of Tourism, Culture  and Sport
  • RBC Foundation
  • Excellence in Literacy Foundation